Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of the immediate Chamber of Commerce launched the "hundred enterprises set caring, warm one hundred destitute" charity
Published:2013/06/27    Views:2813

       Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of this year, I'll Initiative "set one hundred enterprises caring, warm one hundred destitute" charity, has been member of the enthusiastic response. Five days of receipt of (rice, oil, moon cake, health equipment each 120 parts). On September 8, 2011 at the Pan Chengsen president, vice president Chentie Feng led 36 members to bring moon cake, rice, oil, health care equipment and other holiday gifts to the Temple disabled work-rehabilitation centers, disabled and condolences to the 82 38 responsible for persons with disabilities to work full-time members (120 people). Distributed gifts to them, I will offer a holiday wishes entrepreneurs, people with disabilities and disabled workers received thanks and praise, fully embodies the entrepreneurs who care for vulnerable groups in society and help to fulfill the social responsibility and consciously obligations.



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