Bumpy road of life, business Michihiro love to help orphans round school dream
Published:2013/06/27    Views:6748

       Gao Ming He Xiaoming city streets is a fate bumpy, accompanied by growth in the poor boy, childhood cataracts grandma with a monthly 300 yuan guaranteeing payment alone livelihoods. July 2008, Chancheng Chief executive committee member of Chamber of Commerce Chamber of immediate MAK Man-ping, etc. Several women entrepreneurs learned the news, immediately spontaneous donations 2200 yuan Xiao Ming finished third grade junior high school tuition. July 2009, Xiao Ming received a clever auto mechanic school admission notice to modify classes, however, the high registration fees as Xiao Ming to continue learning the threshold of a dream. MAK Man Ping lady heard the news immediately after the launch Chamber Friends Huang Miao Huan, Nie Feng Jin, Europe Nian Qin, Pan Weixia, Pinghuan Rong, Ye Jiao Ping, Lin Yun ice and other female entrepreneurs for raising, will be sufficient for the registration fee into a small out of the account.
      August 23, I will be vice president of Foshan Yifeng Ceramics Co., Ltd., general manager of Member Chancheng practical Chentie Feng, general manager Huang Miao Huan Pneumatic drove to Xiao Ming received a clever Lost City Casino West Bank water country, and their families with barbecue, swimming, hiking, let Xiao Ming sharing family fun and warmth. Subsequently, a line of more than 10 people came to Xiao Ming and his grandmother 20 m2 condolences home visits.

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