Service concept——
Users are expected to provide more than products and services
Service is the product of an extension, it is making the relationship between business and consumer users high-end segments. No high-quality high-end segments, making even the best products will come to naught. Competition has been in service beyond the product competitive era, Yifeng enterprise service competition to stand at the forefront of the trend, do not stay in the "User imaginable to meet consumer demand," but rather the pursuit of "the user is expected to provide more than products and services." This philosophy, which is to declare Yifeng consumers to provide users with enterprise stylish, high quality, perfect service concept of products and services, so that consumers wholeheartedly pursue "feel lifestyle, enjoy premium services" service goals.

Red Carpet Service——
Real experience "customer is God"
"Red Carpet Service": Yifeng service concept reflects the specific operating standards and norms. "Red Carpet" shows a noble, dignity and glory yet to respect the red carpet reflect the user to God, and offer services of high-end service concept and service quality, allowing users to experience the real "user is God." "Red Carpet" also reflects the high quality service employee Yifeng, showing the work of the spirit and jumped to the quality of service. Its normative operations, see the "red carpet service" standard.


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